When you’re suffering from chronic pain, there isn’t time to spend hours or days driving around looking for pain management doctors who can help.  Thankfully, the relief you’re looking for is available right here in beautiful Opelousas, LA.


Our historic city is the third-largest city in the Lafayette-Acadiana area and has the densest population of any incorporated city in the state.  It’s also the state’s third-oldest city, with a rich history, diverse modern population, and plenty of cultural festivals and events to draw new residents in.  If you’re one of the many residents of Opelousas who is suffering from chronic pain, though, we know that it can be difficult to appreciate all that this great city has to offer.  That’s why we’re here to help.


Our Goal

Here at SHIPS Medical, our primary goal is to improve the lives of our patients through providing accurate diagnoses and targeted, proven treatments.  We know that improving your ability to manage your pain and the underlying conditions that are causing it may require treatment from diverse medical professionals and that no two patients are alike, which is why we offer multidisciplinary, patient-focused care.  We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to medicine.  Instead, we’ll work with you to understand your unique concerns and come up with a tailor-made multi-faceted plan to improve your daily life and meet your unique treatment goals.


What to Expect

First, we’ll perform a basic physical exam and compile a comprehensive medical history.  We will also ask you about your particular symptoms and will likely take diagnostic images to help us understand the underlying cause of your condition and will devote as much time as necessary to helping you establish attainable treatment goals.


Keep in mind that as our patient, you are fully entitled to play an essential role in helping your doctors determine an appropriate treatment plan and be sure to come to your consultation equipped with any questions you may have regarding your condition or its treatment.  We’ll be happy to answer them.


Treating Acute Injuries

Many of our patients come to us for help recovering from acute sports or workplace injuries.  Whether you’re looking into alternatives to surgery or you’ve already undergone a surgical intervention and want to come up with a plan to facilitate healing and alleviate pain as quickly as possible, we can help.  We offer patient education regarding exercise routines, nutrition, and lifestyle changes that can help you heal faster in addition to physical therapy, massage therapy, occupational rehabilitation programs, and work conditioning.


If you’ve suffered a sports injury, you should know that we also offer dedicated treatment to athletes and have all of the diagnostic imaging equipment required to get to the bottom of any secondary conditions that may have occurred as a result of your injury.  Our multi-disciplinary team is fully equipped to establish a treatment plan that will offer you the best possible chances of a speedy recovery and a successful return to the field.


Treating Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is defined as pain that persists for more than three months and interferes with your ability to perform normal daily tasks such as working, going to school, running errands, and enjoying a vibrant social life.  Whether you’re suffering from arthritis and looking to improve your mobility or you need help finding the right lower back pain treatment to reduce your discomfort, we can help.  We treat everything from cancer pain to carpal tunnel syndrome, and no case is too large or too small for our highly qualified medical team.


Custom-Tailored Treatment Plans

There are a wide variety of conditions that can cause chronic pain and they range significantly both in terms of severity and in how they can most effectively be treated.  If, for example, you’re suffering from arthritis and looking for joint pain relief, you may find that a combination of targeted anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy can restore your range of motion and reduce your pain.  Those who are suffering from neuropathy pain due to diabetes, on the other hand, may require exercise and nutrition counseling and the prescription of orthotic inserts as well as medication.


Whether you’re struggling to overcome the pain associated with cancer and its treatment or you’re looking for help finding headache relief, you can rest assured that we are fully committed to taking all of our patients’ complaints seriously and doing everything in our power to create the perfect, custom-tailored treatment plans they need to move on with their lives.  It’s rare to find a pain clinic that offers the level of multidisciplinary care you need to attain maximum results, but we know that our patients aren’t defined by their pain.  That’s why we offer comprehensive treatment across a wide variety of medical disciplines, treating each patient as the unique individual he or she truly is instead of subscribing to one-size-fits-all medication plans, therapies, and treatment modalities.


When to Seek Help

There’s no sense in being stubborn when it comes to seeking help for acute injuries and chronic pain.  While it’s true that minor conditions can sometimes be treated successfully at home using over-the-counter medications and techniques such as hot and cold therapy, these home treatments are ultimately designed to provide temporary relief, not a permanent solution to the problem.  Deciding when to seek help is ultimately up to you as the patient, but if you’re finding that over-the-counter pain medications are not sufficient to improve your symptoms or your symptoms persist over a prolonged period of time, requiring you to take more medications than recommended, we can help you establish a more effective, long-term treatment plan.


Similarly, if you have recently been injured in a workplace incident, a car wreck, or a sports accident, you should always seek medical attention if your pain and swelling are severe or your range of motion has been significantly decreased.  As a leading pain management center in Opelousas, we can offer alternatives to potentially dangerous surgeries and prescription painkillers and help you get back into shape quicker than you would have imagined possible.  Don’t suffer in silence.  Call today to schedule an appointment for a consultation to begin the process of establishing treatment goals and coming up with a plan for how to make these goals into a reality.