Finding Ideal Locations for Your Pain Management Care

The entire concept of pain management has been changing in recent months, leaving many sufferers without the care they need. At SHIPS Medical, we focus on delivering the care pain sufferers need in locations that are convenient. If you’re currently in need of pain management care, feel free to contact one of our locations that’s near your home.


Why Pain Management is Important

Anyone with chronic pain understands why obtaining care for neuropathy pain is important. That pins-and-needles pain is unrelenting and makes it difficult to function properly. Joint pain relief is hard to find for other patients, and they commonly need a variety of treatment options to eliminate or reduce their pain levels. Headache relief is just as important for those experiencing migraines or other types of headache issues. Patients needing ongoing lower back pain treatment often find simply getting out of bed to be almost unbearable. We provide the care these and other patients experiencing pain need at all our locations.


When effective pain management is not found, patients’ relationships with those closest to them suffer as do workplace relationships. With our Opelousas, Lafayette, and New Iberia locations, we offer patients nearby clinics that specialize in treating pain-related issues.


Choosing a Convenient Clinic

Any painful condition causes serious, life-changing problems. In some cases, patients find it difficult to travel very far without experiencing some increased level of pain. That suggests locating a clinic that’s relatively near home is always important. With three clinics serving the region, one of the locations will always be within an easy drive to get the help you need.


Defining Your Needs

Many of our patients find it essential to continue working during their pain management treatments. That may mean selecting a pain management facility that’s near an employer is important. Lafayette patients, for example, who work in Opelousas may prefer to schedule appointments in the Opelousas clinic rather than in Lafayette. We encourage our patients to discuss their specific situations with our staff members to choose the best facility for treatment.


Coordinate Care with Other Providers

Location can also become an issue when you need care from care providers outside our clinic. When multiple appointments must be kept, we’ll work with patients to ensure all care providers are as close as possible. We don’t want anyone, and that means you, to experience inconveniences that could also exacerbate your pain levels. For example, if you’re seeing a physical therapist as a part of your care plan, we’ll try to ensure each of the facilities is within an easy drive.


If your primary care physician suggests visiting one of our clinics for additional help, make sure the referral is made to the clinic that’s most convenient to your home or place of employment. In the event things change and it would be more convenient to change locations, we’ll work with you to visit the clinic you’d prefer.


We also understand that your needs can change at any time, and we encourage you to contact our scheduling team to make any changes needed. There is no reason to travel farther than necessary to get the level of care you need.


Chose the Location that Best Meets Your Needs

With three locations available to meet your pain management care needs, we certainly hope our team can provide the care you need. If you’ve got specific questions about how we can help, don’t hesitate to call one of our offices to find out how our team can help.



If you’re living or working in the Opelousas area and need help dealing with pain issues, we’re here to help. The SHIPS Medical facility in Opelousas is conveniently located at 413 Robin Lane Opelousas, LA 70570. That’s south of US 190 and north of Interstate 10. The clinic is located between Ventre Blvd. and Lazaro Blvd. The clinic is directly behind Opelousas General Hospital South Location (Old Doctor’s Hospital). Access is via Ventre Blvd.


Patients needing physical therapy or other ancillary treatments can meet most needs close to our clinic. If you’ve got specific questions about care options, feel free to contact our clinic office for more information.


New Iberia

New Iberia residents have the option of visiting the SHIPS Medical clinic located at 602 N. Lewis Street, #200. That’s at the Iberia Medical Center’s North Campus at the old Dauterive Hospital. This clinic has a large number of cooperating medical services nearby to handle just about any need our patients may have.



Conveniently located at 501 West St. Mary Blvd, #110, our Lafayette facility is a few blocks west of Johnston St (US 167) and south of East University Avenue. As with our other sites, the Lafayette facility is near cooperating physicians and medical facilities that may be needed to better meet your specific pain management requirements.


Getting Started

Patients anywhere in the region are encouraged to contact any of our three sites to get the pain management care they need. No one should have to endure pain that’s interfering with life activities of any kind.


The first step is to contact one of our clinics for advice. The staff member will schedule an initial appointment with one of our pain management specialists. Taking that first step can be one of the biggest hurdles a patient will face.


Before that first visit, it’s important to gather information the care provider will need to ensure you get the help you need as quickly as possible. The staff member scheduling your initial appointment will make sure your questions are answered and you’re well aware of what to bring to that all-important initial appointment.


Regardless of the clinic site you select, SHIPS Medical experts will take the time to evaluate your needs and determine a care plan that will work. Of course, if help from other medical practitioners is needed, we’ll make sure you have any needed referrals to those individuals.


Dealing with chronic pain is never easy, but we always try to make the experience as simple as possible. To take control of your pain management needs, we encourage you to call for help now.